Looking for truth on the goban

A simple wooden board and round stones made out of clam shells. These two ingredients are all it takes to create the elegant and often bloody battlefield of Go.

Designed several millennia ago, the game of Go is the oldest board game in existence.

Starting in China, the game has gone through several changes in strategic principles, but has remained faithful to it’s simple rules.

It has been my favorite game for some time.
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Revolution starts with a step, not a leap

I remember very easily the night I realized nothing would ever be the same. Relatively, it feels like yesterday, because it was; only the bad memories seem nearer to us than the good ones, often washed away like a message in the sand, never to be seen again.

I was staring into the mirror, standing straight and strong. It was the night of my 18th birthday. At the time I was home, taking a gap year between high school and higher education. Initially it was excused as a mean of financial disability, but I take time with my decisions. Nothing else deserved this much time.
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